feraligroggles (feraligroggles) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Battrio GA!

Time for another battrio GA!

1. All community GA and sales rules apply!
2. Do NOT erase bids or negative feedback will be left!
3. Reply to the person bidding before you, or your bid will not count.
4. Please bid in increments of $1
5. There will be 3 payments. 1: your bid + shipping from seller to Noppin. 2: Shipping from Noppin to me. 3. Shipping from me to you.
6. No sniping!!!
7. All of the battrio that are in the stacks are unable to be seen in any of the pictures, and therefore will not have threads. But they will be for sale later when the lot arrives, should we win.
8. I am claiming Feraligatr for $3 and willing to go higher, aburamechan  is doing the bidding for us via Noppin, and will be claiming Typhlosion for $3 and willing to go higher.
9. All battrio in the first picture (rare/holo) will start at $2
10. All other battrio will start at $1

This Auction will end at 12:00am (midnight) EDT (EST but with daylight savings) This saturday, July 2nd (2011)!
Please do not bid until all threads are up! DONE! GOGOGOGOGO
Tags: group auction
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