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Major Get, and Custom Repaint Funtimes!

So, it seems like every time I post here it's every blue moon, so a quick reintroduction: tall, knife-wielding, australian, keeps Pokedolls on the ceiling, collector of cards, and undead things. Don't post anywhere near as much as I used to, but I'm also known as 'that crazy Arceus lady', or Cally :)

I just got some beautiful things in the mail which were a really special gift from my partner, all of which are...

For the longest time, I have been a huge, HUGE admirer of Mitsuhiro Arita in the TCG. He's been doing illustrations since day 1 of the project by Creatures, and my infatuation with his style and use of colour stems back to the first holo I pulled outside of a deck or starter pack: Venusaur from base set. I've always wanted to meet him, and thank him for being an influence on my art and for generally being incredibly awesome. While I haven't ticked that off my life's to-do list, my partner helped me by ticking another dream off of it...

These three cards are the special SR cards from EX Dragon, a patchwork English set, but still one with some gorgeous art. These were pointed out while chatting with a few friends in the com, and I proceeded to freak out about them and how cool they were to my partner triskitty who then sort-of-not-really-secretly then asked me if I "need(ed) anything else from the seller?".

I'm still sort of not quite processing that I have something signed by him. And it is his signature, 100% guaranteed matchup to the many general copies of his signature I have via clear file artwork, but to have his physical, real signature... it's amazing. Scanned these for good measure, because really, why wouldn't I?

While I'm here, might as well post this up. I managed to score an extra two Reshiram and Zekrom DX Sofubi figures thanks to ritzyfoxx and her awesome pickup run at the BW Tours in addition to spares of the regular Tomy figures. I decided that I'd not only do shiny repaints of both the Reshiram and Zekrom, but I might as well make them shiny + overdrive. While Zekrom isn't done yet (and likely won't be done until after I return from Japan in July) I did finish up Reshiram a few days ago.

It's practically impossible to capture the iridescence I used in the paints. Lets just say she very much matches up with the lustre of her shiny counterpart in more ways than one. Here she is side by side with the standard Sofubi, which shows off her white and iridescence a bit better...

But otherwise it's hard to capture the pink/red/purple tones of the paint I layered over the white repaint I did to get the effect.

Since she's in overdrive mode, she's got a nice helping of pink on her, both at the tail end of her head tufts and on her tail directly.

In addition to really gold rings. It was fun doing some quick streaking with the pink to give an impression of glowing on her tail tufting.

Thank you for looking! I'll likely be more active next month if I have more goodies to post (more than likely since it'll be movie funtimes in Japan!)
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