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SALES!! and other things.

First person to guess my favorite team gets accolades

I want this stuff gone.

  • Paypal only, please. 
  • I ship from the US
  • Priority mail available upon request, as well as Delivery Confirmation/Insurance, it will, of course, be a small additional fee.
  • No trades at this time, unless by some holy coincidence you want to trade me your Flareon Canvas plush.


      Jakks Plush
  • Eggplant Cherrim - No hangtag. $8
  • Cherubi NWT $8
  • Jirachi NWT $11
  • Murkrow NWT $8
  • Politoed NWT $8
  • Teddiursa NWT $8

Jakks Figures
  • Cherubi, Mudkip, Gible, Feebas, $5 each
  • Meditite, Medicham $2 each

Dialga Lot
I believe this includes a european dialga zukan? he feels rubbery. I don't know, OKAY?!?!?!
  • Whole Lot $18

Cresselia Plush
  • Banpresto, no Hang tag. $10

McDonalds Pokemon Toys/Cards
  • Pikachu figure $2 no longer for sale, giving to my manager's daycare-aged son
  • Klink card $1
  • Unopened Zoroark + Card $3 Sold!!
  • Unopened Reshiram + Card $3
  • Unopened Ohshitwhat + Card $3

Awesome Suicune Zukan you know you want it
  • turns out Suicune is just not a pokemon I'm meant to collect. I wanted to love him, i really did. Oh well.
  • $10

Two squishy balls
  • I'm not sure what I'm supposed to say about this.
  • Do you have..the balls?
  • Do you want them?
  • Would you like mine?
  • Ultra ball $5 SOLD


Please comment in the thread I'll make :)

Super Special Awesome Coveted Umbreon and Espeon Jakks

Exponentially-less awesome Cyndaquil pop'n'battle and lugia TFG fig
  • Honestly I just have no idea what they go for so I wasn't gonna put a BIN price.

Radical Absol Zukan piece
  • What in lord's name is that on my desk it looks kind of gross.
  • oh its just water
  • sry.

Dialga and Palkia all like "RAWR!!!" zukans
  • seriously though its really hard for me to part with this Dialga. I love him. so much. I'll need a good offer on him.

Awesome Level X cards
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