rowanlaurel (rowanlaurel) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Lookin' for stuff!

Hey guys. Guess who's finally back in the Pokemon mood? It's been such a long time. But I'm finally back with Pokemon C:

I'm here to post a wants list. I don't have money to spent at the moment, but I will in a few weeks... So... Yeah.
I just wanna know if you guys will sell me some stuff. This is my #1 place for PokeMerch :DDD

Here's the list:::

Anything Sewaddle (Except flats or cards)

Anything Hydreigon (Except flats or cards)

Regice Zukan (the translucent one please :D)

I'm always open to older derpy bootlegs :DDD

Anything Weedle (Except flats or cards)

Pikachu McDonalds toy (Maybe)

Thanks guys!
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