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Pokemon With You Badge Set Get! <3

Yay for helping Japan!  My set of Pokemon With You badges arrived not too long ago and I thought I would share some lovely pics of them with you! <3

They came with lovely bags! <3 I'm trying to find a use for some of them, but since they don't have handles I'm not sure exactly of what I could do.


The badges are large, and use safety pins on the back.  I've placed mine on my Super Mario Mushroom tote bag~ Hopefully I'll be able to get a similar Pokemon bag soon! xD

And a quick shameless sales plug...all items are $11 shipped within the US ($12 outside) or less! (with the exception of one item again xD) Please check them out here~

Thank you all for looking! :D
Tags: audino, axew, emolga, oshawott, pansage, pikachu, sales, snivy, tepig, victini
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