Paleona (bulbalaur) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wanted: Forbidden Pokemon!

Hey all.  Sorry for being super quiet since joining.. I still lurk around quite often B)

That aside!  I was hoping you guys could help me out.  I've recently become very fond of Spiritomb.  If any of you have either the UFO plush of him, or the pokedoll, that you are willing to sell, I would be interested :3  I'd prefer the UFO, but I'm not sure how rare it is... either would be awesome.  I'm not picky about tags, but I'd like one in good condition, from a smoke free home, if possible.  Got a pokedoll coming in the mail via eBay, will post a tiny collection post once I round up a couple things :>

So yeah, that's it!  I really want a Spiritomb buddy :3

*edit: I'd also love to snag a Spiritomb Clipping figure<3 thank you cardwhale !

OH!  One quick question, too.  How much does this Torterra plush usually go for?  I have a feeling that it's pricey, but I think that would be a grail of mine.
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