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 I will be sending out packages tomorrow and Saturday~! So have some last minute sales :D If you purchase within the next couple of days you will be in the group of packages that gets sent out asap-- WHOO!!!

HUGE collection weedingz under the cut!! Involves kids, plush, Zards and Baby deer :3 

** Not really looking for trades ATM unless its for custom plush. ^^ Thanks** 

-Will hold for 24 hours. :3
-Payment is due within 24 hours.
-I ship from the USA
-I will sometimes re-use bubblemailers because I'm a recycling hippie. If that's a problem let me know.
-I will not ship internationally. Sorry.
-Minimum order of $2.00 please!
-Paypal ONLY
-I am not responsible for items once they end up shipped out. If you want insurance ask for it. You are expected to cover the fee for this if you want it.
-Please note for offers:: I will take offers until bids dye down. Also please note that I might not sell--depending on offers.
-Please do not ask for shipping quotes if you do not have the intention to purchase. It's a waste of my time and yours.
-Items come from a pet friendly household. The pets aren't allowed near my collections but sometimes stray hairs will (probably) follow. 

Now onto the sales! :D

Charizard Paki Paki's x2: $22 each
Charizard Banpresto: $90 obo

Clear Kid: $5
Normal Kid: $3
Large Light-Up Figure (doesn't light up): $2
Charizard Trading Fig: $17
Bank: $4.00 

Roller Fig: $2
Mini figures x3: $1 each 
Stadium Figure?: $2 

Keychain: $4
Mini Figure: $2
Bounce Ball Figure: $2

Flip Book (has a page for each of evo steps for the zardy) : $6

All items in this photo $1 :3 Bag sold

Clear Kids: All $4.00 each-- Except Jolteon who is $8.00 

Kids $4.00 each-- Arcanine and Growlithe SOLD 

Ray Kids: $3.00 each 

Lion Kids: $4.00 each

$2.00 each kids-- Bulbasaur sold  

Some $1.50 kids 

$1.50 kids-- save for Squirtle who has doodled on eyebrows. He's $0.50

Big lot of mini-models! $25.00

Baby deer mint with tag: $22.50 obo 
Tags: charizard, kids, plush, sales
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