Shiva64 (icequeen64) wrote in pkmncollectors,

wellll it has obviously been quite a while since i have posted any sort of updates lately. long story short, i always keep saying to myself that i'll post a collection update and then ... a few days later i order something new or some other similar story. and well, i don't like to post updates until i have everything in my posession for a while so um.

the past two months of my life has just been extremely unkind to me. so i'm posting my very recent gets to hopefully lift the spirits a little bit and then i'll eventually post my collection update sooner or later.

today, i just got the last of the McD's toys i needed! i don't have all the cards but i'll get the rest from the comm or whatever when i can. all i'd need is zorua, sandile, snivy and oshawott!

so um. on with the pictures! ... although they're really not all that exciting but


not so overhead!

and a better view of mah dragons. 8)

iiii tried to get the flash to not be as bright but i guess that kinda failed. oh well!

(why does zoroark have to be the derpy one)
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