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Small Collection Weeding Sales & Offers~

I'm trying to save up to buy something yet again, so that means collection weeding sales!
Before I go to those, here's my normal sales for everyone to go through. I will combine shipping from all of my sales. :3

~*~ Sale Guidelines ~*~

Sales Permission granted 1/25/2011 by dakajojo

*I ship from California in the US and I will NOT be shipping internationally at this time!

*I currently only accept Paypal. (No e-checks or Money Orders at this time please.)Concealed cash is accepted at YOUR own risk.

*Haggling is okay!

*No trades at this time please.

*I will do holds for 48 hours! Unless we work something out previously, any item that is not paid for within 48 hours will go back up for sale.

*Backing out of offers or sales will get you a negative feedback!

*All items DO INCLUDE SHIPPING but NOT other fees!

*I have the right to refuse service to anyone. Especially if you have bad feedback.

*No PM transactions!

*These items do come from a pet-friendly but smoke free home.

*If you want tracking or insurance, feel free to ask but keep in mind it will take LONGER to ship out! I ship from a CVS pharmacy. They don't offer tracking so I'd have to go to a PO.

*My feedback is here:

Refund Policy:
You will have until paypal's 60 day refund limit to ask or receive a refund. After this limit is up, there will be no refunds. No exceptions.

Additional Note: I will not be adding these items to my normal sales posts. So it's now or never!

Teddiursa Lot: SOLD

Chikorita Pair: $4
Jakks Cyndaquil: $3

Laying Shinx Plush: SOLD

Swinub Throw Pokeball(Comes with a Pokeball, not a love ball.): $7

McDonald's Zekrom Toy: $3

Unopened McDonald's Tepig Toy with Audino card: $4

Up for offers:

Takara Tomy ARTS Celebi Hand Puppet with tush tag and hang tag: Offers start at $20

Custom Plaid Minun Plush: Offers start at $20

Custom Shinx Backpack:: Offers start at $40.
I might not accept your offers on this guy if I feel they are not high enough.
Tags: celebi, chikorita, cyndaquil, sales, shinx, teddiursa, tepig, zekrom
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