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Marble GA

Together, roxiired  and I bring you a marble GA!

Rules: All Community Rules Apply.
Only bid as much as you can pay. Deleted bids or retractions will result in negative feedback!
Bidding ends on Jul 05, 2011 11:00 PDT. When bidding, please bid in .50 increments for marbles, and $1 increments for figures. Reply after the current bidder in each thread, otherwise your bid will not be valid.
Sniping will not be tolerated [placing a bid in the last 5 minutes of the auction]. There will be a 5 minute extension for any bids made within the last 5 minutes of the auction.
Please be ready to pay as soon as possible after the auction's end time. Paypal only please, no e-checks.

All marbles will start at $1, and figures start at $2. [Please bid in .50 increments for marbles, and $1 increments for figures.]

There will be 2 payments: Payment 1: Item + Shipping to roxiired, and Payment 2: Shipping from roxiired to you! 

roxiired   will be claiming the plusle marble for $2, while I claim one of the weavile marbles for $2 [willing to go higher]. We have both been granted sales permission, hers on 5/22/11, and mine on 03/17/11.

From the Seller: "Lot of 19  Pokemon Marbles with 3 figurines.The Figures are:Mime Jr. (Excellent Used Condition), Mantyke (Brand New Unopened Package with Marble), Croagunk (Excellent Used Condition). 
The Marbles were stored and have never been played with.

Items come from a smoke and pet-free home. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me! Thanks! Happy Bidding!"

I was able to get more pictures :]
Please wait until all threads are up before bidding please!

Threads are up! Bid Away! \o/
Tags: buizel, croagunk, dialga, geodude, jakks, latias, lucario, mantyke, starly, weavile
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