Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

hey guys! so i kind of MENTIONED i might try to stock tomy figures... and i got a HUGE response! so, i think for my next update (which will be after im settled into next semester) i will try to stock some tomy figures. i think its a good idea so you dont have to worry about ebay bootlegs. but, i dont know who you guys want!

so, why not check out the TOMY MONSTER COLLECTION LIST on AAPF blogspot and tell me what you like!

tomy figures are pricey to buy in "bulk" to begin with, so i cant be buying things nobody will want D:

also! please tell me which of these UFO catchers you want - so i know who i am hunting for when i work the machines in a few weeks (yes, its almost time! EEE! :D i want new raptor now!)

i also have a super rare raichu on ebay - give him a chance, add the cutest raichu plush made to your collection
Tags: electivire, gallade, heracross, raichu, salamence, staraptor
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