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SEGAMew's Very First Auction!

Oh boy oh boy oh boooooy~! :D What better way to celebrate earning Sales Permission than a small scale auction since I have no idea the value of these items? X3

Granted sales permission on 07/02/11 by dakajojo.
Ships from Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Great for North American, Asian, Oceania regions, not so much for European region ^^;
Will ship internationally!
All pkmncollector rules apply.
This means no bids deleting (if you made an error, just post again)
If you back out of buying/cause a ruckus, you and I will have issues >=P
Often times, I recycle packaging materials to save both of us some money. If this bothers you (like you are afraid of pet hairs that may have crossed over between packages), let me know!
Everything I own is stored in military living quarters inside ziplock/plastic bags. No pets here, and I don't smoke.
SEGAMew's Feedback

(You can click for larger image)

I was more or less after the Farfetch'D chibi stamper that came with this lot. Since I don't particularly collect any of these Pokemon (though that Vulpix is just asdfg adorable burning Weepingbell's butt there), they deserve to go to a loving home =) All of the figures here are very clean with no odor or yuckies.
All figures will start @ $2.

(You can click for larger image)

And this... is like bottle holder. You unzip Pikachu's butt and slide up a fitting bottle. The top of Pikachu's head can be unvelcroed if the mouth of your bottle is rather large. I do not recommend shoving a bottle that is larger than 10" in circumference and 6" in length (minus the mouth). Pikachu has a red strap if you wish to carry him around that way. His tail acts as a handle of sorts, but it's not well sewn into the material Pikachu is made of. Oh and I suppose it is design to insulate your beverage.
This item will start at $8.

Auction Ends @ Tuesday, July 5th 11:59 PM Hawaiian time (yes this is one of the much later timezones).

There are Full Color Stadium figures, NOT Chou Gets! Sorry guys hahah 8D

Aaaand might as well slide these links in. I haven't finished my leeky sales banner of awesomeness. I don't want to "officially" release my store until the banner is at least ready 8D But anyway here are the Pokemon sales links!

Pokemon Plush Sales
Pokemon Keychain/Figure Sales
Pokemon Shitajiki and Poster Sales
Pokemon Book-like items Sales

And if you browse around my Livejournal, you will see those Pokemon Papercrafts without prices whatsoever on them. You are free to make an offer for singles or whole sheets. I may not accept an offer immediately since I am trying to see how much interest people have for certain Pokemon. If more than one person shows interest in the same Pokemon, that Pokemon may be up for auction =3

You are also free to look at my Pokemon Plush folder on Photobucket. I haven't gotten around to updating my sales post in terms of what I have for sale. If you see something that you like (like talking keychain Pokabu), feel free to PM me about it. I do have certain prices in mind, but I'm open to offers on unlisted plushies.

By the way, I ship every individual plush in ziplock/plastic bags, then inside recycled packaging (occasionally new packaging). I use anything from bubble envelopes from previous purchases or food boxes. Please let me know if you have any allergies and I will use all new packaging!
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