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collection post and a question

This is my first collection post. :P I haven't been collecting very long so I don't have much. 

These are my plushes. Riolu and Happiny are pokedolls.

This is my Oshawott plush and Pikachu toy factory plush.

Chimchar, Turtwig, and Piplup plushes. The chimchar and turtwig "talk." Piplup doesn't. :P I'll get the talking Piplup plush soon. Why not? I'd have the Sinnoh starter set. :P

I will update when I get more plushes. Also, I have this coming in the mail from Japan. It's not here yet, so here's a stock pic. I might put a pic of this plush when it comes. I'm expecting it to come around July 12th or something. It's a Banpresto Croconaw UFO Plush. It's 11.5 inches.




Here is my question. I found a Talking Totodile plush on eBay. Link here:


It's from Hong Kong so I'm reluctant to getting it. :P I've seen it alot on ebay. It looks exactly the same as this plush, which is real.



Does anyone know if this plush is real? It has correct tag but I watched a video on how to spot fake plushes, and just because it has a tag doesn't mean it's going to be real. That's what I heard. It doesn't just have a tag, it has the right tag. Have you had any bad experience with this seller or got a fake from this person?

This Hong Kong seller might actually sell authentic plushes.

eBay member: cornerstone6


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