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Sales, and TOY FACTORY INFOS!!!!!

First off: New Pokedolls, Musical Plush and Musical Goods are all on Sunyshore, along with many other various thingies! Please come have a lookee! No we don't have Whimsicott Pokedolls! You will possibly be glared at over the internet if you ask.

Now guess what time it is! TOY FACTORY TIME!!!!!

At the CA Meetup last week, some of us spotted a Toy Factory Pikachu with a new pattern and a bright black and white hang tag! We knew what that meant! But we only knew of Pikachu until happyjolteon spotted something on the boardwalk...

We can now confirm Pikachu, Meowth, and Zoroa's various sizes, along with the existance of the three starters (no clear photos yet though besides that one of Pokabu!). Some other information gathered from the picture below, is that Toy Factory is no longer making crane-game sized plush, only very large amusement prize plush. I wonder why?

Sizes of the above plush are totally wacky. During D/P there were FIVE sizes of each plush made (shown with Pokedoll for size comparisons). Now there are tons of sizes and they seem to vary based on the Pokemon:

A. Pikachu
6”, 9”, 14”, 19”, 25”, 29.5”, 36”, 44.5”

B. Meowth
16”, 24”, 34.5”, 40”, 41”, 49”

C. Zorua
16”, 24”, 36”, 43”, 53”, 61”

You did not misread. There is a Zoroa as big as a freaking couch.

Some of you major fans might now wonder, how to get these without access to a themepark or boardwalk carrying them as prizes? You might recall spring of 2010 I did a major group buy, buying Shinx plush in bulk from Toy Factory's main location. There are already members prepping themselves to organize some more bulk group buys from Toy Factory for B/W plush, once we have some more info on the starters, which we can't get until after July 4th holidays. I know this from my expierience: You need to spend at least 100$(minimum order cost) and you need to buy at least the minimum amount of plush required per size (it was something like 20 of the smaller sizes and 5 of the biggest sizes). Shipping to the runner is provided by Toy Factory, and would be split between all participants.

So look forward to that, if you are a fan of these guys, big plush, and let's hope Toy Factory keeps up its cute patterns and makes some more neat Pokemon!

Last but not least. This year's 7/11 movie drink goods! CUTIES!
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