Sheshy-San (eevee_kins) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sale's Update!

Hey everyone ^_^ I manage to get loads of goodies from y!japan and also selling some extra item's I have.I have received packages from seller's but sadly my house still been renovated so I cant take many picture's of my collection until there done and then I can set up my eevee army xD

I also been going out of town alot,but for now I'm home and want to make room as I have another box of goodie's packed but need sort and go threw it before I sell anything.With that said I have uploaded my sale's post with a rare Leafeon Chupa,Fuzzy Eevee Figure I never seen for sale,a few kid's
misc toy's and a 90 Lot of Pan sticker's and a few plushe's n pokedolls I still need gone (also a pikachu cosplay ears n tails) ^-^;

So feel free check my sale's! Click the banner below.Thanks and enjoy! Hopefully I can set up my collection soon,I hate having all my vee vee's In bags and boxes v_v

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