furrettails (furrettails) wrote in pkmncollectors,

help me ID these guys

i have no idea of their origin, i just know that ive had these since i was little girl :x i would love if anyone could help me figure out what kinds of sets they came from or what they were promoted with! THANKS SO MUCH IN ADVANCE <33
quag set figured out! 2 more to go!

vulpix hair clip
cards of some sort? *gligar, meganium, hoppip, quagsire* the one showing charizard is what the backs look like, they all have different poke sillohetts*  they be stickers! c: THANKS ZENITY! :3

pokemon magnets they all say this on the bottom of them

*edit* forgot lapras and chu as they were on  my fridge XD;;*


and now so this post isnt quiettttttttttttttt so boring; heres a small collection of my pokemon dog tags
*does anyone know if they made any dog tags of furret, zigzagoon, zangoose, sentret , shellder, dewgong or staraptor? :O*

venonat and rapidash are on their way <3
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