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McD Toys/Cards & BW Trade?

* My Feedback Thread
* Cards/etc available for trade
* B&W Want List

So in celebration of being able to trade on here now, I took another trip to McDonald's to grab some extra toys/cards to try to get ones I needed through trade... well I ended up getting 4/5 of the cards I was missing ^^;
I am missing Oshawott!
I'm also interested in a McD Zorua card as mine was damaged by the figure prodding into it D: Any language is fine!

I have 2 more figures to trade; Zekrom, Snivy, Tepig, and Zorua. And 3 cards; Alomomola x2 and Munna. Maractus

* If not interested in trading the McD toys/cards but interested in my other things, I'm currently looking for the unchecked cards here!

only Tepig is left! - have an offer on him, sorry X3

Sorry not MIP as I had to get the cards, but they will come with their baggy & wrapped in bubble wrap.

Zorua is MIP with an Alomomola card, if no one wants it together I will open it and trade separately :)

The other cards: maractus is taken

I'm also looking to trade these unopened b&w preview packs that came in the spring tins!

Not really sure what they're worth, but I'll trade them for card(s) that equal $3-5? They come with 5 cards ;]

Also interested in trading these things for a French McD Zorua card and/or French Tepig on behalf of risha_moon (she has trade permission too but I'm the one with the extra toys/cards lol) To save time I'd be mailing you what you want and you'd be mailing the card(s) to her ^^ She's also interested in the Oshawott and Reshiram figures but they're not as high priority.

* Please link me to your feedback thread if you wish to trade, thanks!

Thanks for looking :)
Tags: alomomola, cards, figures, maractus, munna, tepig, zekrom, zorua
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