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Mostly Eeveelution Sales!

Sup guys. Some of you might remember me! :D I apologize for being so quiet/dead on the community and LJ in general, but I have little to no time to get on an actual computer anymore, so I use my phone, and uuuuuugh typing on a Droid with nails sucks. ANYWHO.
I have some sales here! Short and sweet.

I have Eeveelu Jakks, Leafy and Glacy Chupas, Umbreon charms, and a PokemonTime Eevee/Espy/Umbry bag! OOOOOHHHHHHH!

Sales permission granted forever ago
Feedback stuff under here

Rules and stuff!
CAT FRIENDLY HOME~~~ Some plush may have some stray hairs, but I have done my best to keep them free of animals. ;_;

Pokemon Collectors and people asking for Pokemon items! Please read the Pokemon Collectors Rules, if you haven't already! Members banned from this community are not allowed to buy from this sales community.

Money money. Moooney.~
-Prices are in USD including fees and shipping.
-Paypal, please. If you must pay another way, we can try to work something out. My Paypal is, please include in your memo what your LJ name is, your desired name for shipping, and what you ordered. E-checks are case-by-case, and shipping will occur after they clear.
-No PM offers. This is to let the other collectors/posters know what's available and what's not at a moment's notice.
-I am willing to haggle! I often do not know exactly how to price things, so feel free to offer away. Also, if you think a price is unfair, you are free to correct me, so long as it isn't rude~

Can I get a dollah? Ooone dollah goin' once, twice, sold!
-Auction payments are due in 24 hours. After your 24 hours are up, and I do not see payment or an acceptable excuse for delay, your item(s) will be sold to the next highest bidder. Payment plans are tentative and on a case-by-case basis. If you need more time, inquire.
-Please wait for auction bid threads to go up to bid. As soon as they're up, FIRE AWAY!

The caller you have specified is unavailable at the time. Please hold.
-I will hold for a week. After that, your stuff will be back up for grabs. Exceptions can be made for dire situations.

I totally ship blahblahblahXblahblahblah.
-I ship from the USA, and can do international shipping.
-Bubble mailers and padded envelopes are the generally agreed upon form of packing around here. Please specify what you'd like your stuff shipped in if you want something else.

Pricing is like this!
Item + "fees" + Shipping! <3


Not pictured, but I can get pictures tomorrow, I have minky, new with tag-like Vaporeon and Glaceon Pokedolls I would like to rehome. They'll be $65 each. I have barely touched them, they have sat with a collection of Eeveedolls for a while now and just...sit there. xD I believe Vappy has a bent tag, but I forgot. Both are adorably soft! 8) I seem to have two people interested in these now, so I'm taking them off the market unless they fall through. 8) Thank you for the interest!

Minky Suicune and Velboa Umbreon Pokedolls: $10 each SOOOOLD

Umbreon and Espeon Jakks: $15 each
Eevee Jakks: $10 each OBO ONE SOLD
Umbreon Kid: $5
Better pix of the small stuff below!

Umbreon Johto charm: $25 OBO
Umbreon circle charm: $20 OBO
Umbreon Zukan piece, has a broken ear superglued back on: $10

Lugia and Ho-oh Chupas(?): $10 each or whatever, I don't know what they're worth. TAKE THEM.

USED Espeon PokemonTime charm: $10. She has scuffs, but I think she's alright.


Leafeon and Glaceon Chupa Chup figures! I'd like to auction them, starting at $40 each, as I think they're rare? My BFF and I managed to somehow get 2 Leafeons, 2 Glaceons, and Skymin all in 14 Chupas a coupla cons ago!

(24oz Coke, this thing...IT IS MASSIVE. Like WOAH.)

Tag is pretty beat up, but still...there, I guess.

Goliath guts

Scuffed bottom
PokemonTime Eevee, Espeon, and Umbreon Tote! I am the second owner, but the only user. It is USED, but looks and displays like a charm. Holds FREAKING EVERYTHING. I can fit my laptop, Wacom Intuos 9x12 tablet, sketchbook, copic case, etc in there all at once. It has one pocket in front (very visible) and two smaller inside pockets. The scuffs on the bottom aren't photographed very well, there are some more smaller scuffs than pictured. But it's on the bottom! :D Just sayin' so the buyer doesn't go all BUT BUT BUT. I told you.
Offers rather than auction, because I cannot find a good price to compare it to! I can't even find one on ebay...


PleaseworkMr.Cuts, pleasepleaseplease.
Tags: eevee, espeon, ho-oh, jakks, lugia, pokedolls, sales, suicune, umbreon, zukan

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