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Sleepy, Sleepy Sales

Permission received from Lineaalba
Payments: I only accept payments through PayPal.
*If you cannot pay with PayPal, please do not attempt to purchase from me.
*Do not pay with any e-Checks.

Prices: Prices do not include shipping unless otherwise stated.
*All prices are in USD.
*I ship from the US.
Please leave me feedback if you do consider buying from me. I'm always happy to do the same:


American Zoroark Pokedoll Mint w/both tags (Minky)-$22
American Skitty Pokedoll Mint w/both tags-(Velboa)$22
American Arceus Pokedoll Mint w/both tags (Minky)-$24
American Flareon Mint w/both tags (Velboa)-$24

Sold:Eevee, Umbreon, Skymin Pokedolls.

Jakks Sandile Plush


Emolga Pokeball Keychain



These figures come with their original box, card and stand. They are mint in plastic.

Pignite Clipping Figure


Darmanitan Clipping Figure


Pokemon Movie Victini and Golurk Keychains

$10 each

Pokemon Victini movie Keychain (Oshawott/Tepig)


Galvantula Kid


Trubbish Kid


Oshawott mcdonalds Toys
(Opened but brand new, does not include cards)

$4 each

Zekrom/Reshiram DS Stylus Pen

$3 Each



So I recently won a lot with some Absol stuff and came across another Pearly Absol TFG! I don't need two so I'm putting this one up for Best Offer~ I know these are on the rare side so nothing too low, please.


POKEMON -Pokeroms

They are $4 each

These are oddly shaped CD-Roms released during the time of the second movie, they have info of the featured Pokemon on the disk along with some educational mini-games. I would suggest NOT putting these in your computer.

SOLD: Marill


ART CARDS: ALL $7 Shipped

Garbodor, Serperior, Emboar, Herdier and Eelektross.

Drawn with ink, prisma markers and gel pen. These are the same size as a "Pokemon Trading Card" They come in a plastic sleeves.



And I'm after Emolga stuff!....Always. ANY Emolga stuff out there, show them to meeeeeee!!! .......Please. *w*

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