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Multipurpose post!

Foreign Pokemon Cards
First off, I'm looking for someone who made a post recently looking for foreign Pokemon cards in various languages. I have a stack of 49 89 (found more!) in Korean, Dutch, French, Chinese, and some other languages I don't even know :0 Most of them are from the base and jungle sets, with a few in fossil and rocket, and they're almost all common and uncommon.

Trying to get of some old, old cards
Secondly, I had a box full of really old TCG cards that's been gathering dust for years, so I figured it'd be best to just sell them already. Almost all of these cards are common cards from Unlimited, Base Set 2, Jungle, Fossil, and Rocket, with probably only 5 from other sets in the entire mix. So, if you got into collecting the cards late or just want to start, these would be great sets! c:

50+ card packs: These all have at least 50 cards in fair to great condition. I tried my best to avoid multiples, so there should be no more than 3 of the same card in each pack. (if you buy more than one you will end up with mostly multiples) Almost all cards are common, with only about 3 or 4 uncommons per pack.
$5 shipped in the US, $8 international

Shadowless cards: I have the shadowless versions of the following cards: Ponyta(x3), Staryu, Starmie, Koffing, Doduo, Machop, Machoke. All are in fair to good condition, the worst being wear around the edges and corners. They aren't worth much, just make offers for individuals or the set.

Energy cards: I have somewhere from 500-1000 energy cards from various sets, mostly before e-series. These would be great for crafts. If you're interested, make an offer or I can go out and calculate shipping on them.

McDonalds toy trades
Lastly, my friend wanted me to search for her; she has 2 unopened Zoroark, one with a Tepig and one with a Pidove card. She is looking for Pikachu, or Tepig unopened. Zoroark sounds pretty common so I don't know if anyone would be willing to trade, but... might as well try ^^

Edit: Pokemon Rumble Card Set
I also found some Pokemon Rumble card sets at a nearby card store, and can pick them up if anyone is interested! They come with a set of all 16 Pokemon Rumble TCG cards and a set with dice, a playmat, damage counters, etc for playing a weird version of the card game. They were $5 each, and I could either send you
-the box, unopened ($7 shipping+fees)
-everything minus the plastic display window ($5 shipping+fees)
-the flat box and flat contents (no dice) ($3.50)
-the cards only ($1)
I think there were only 3 left.

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