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sad is happy for deep people

Blaziken Pokedoll Auction!

Hello everyone! Today I have for your bidding pleasure a lovely, squishy Blaziken pokedoll! Blaziken has never been so cuddly. Click the cut for more!

Auction Terms and Conditions (READ THESE):

*End time is 9:00 pm Saturday July 9th AEST (click here for countdown)

*Bidding starts at $50US

*Please be polite (try to avoid conversations)

*Bid in increments of at least $1

* I reserve the right to refuse sale if I do not feel a satisfactory price has been met ( a worst-case scenario)

*I will do payment plans! Please ask before bidding so we can work out an arrangement that suits everyone.


I am located in Australia, the land of high shipping!
Basic shipping (standard air mail) is included in the auction price. I can arrange for more secure shipping methods at the buyer's discretion, however I am in Australia therefore they can be quite expensive! If you think you would like a different shipping method, please discuss this with me before bidding.

About the plush:

He is the 2005 release (butt tag here); I have heard that there are differences in pattern between the version, for those of you interested in that. I am uncertain what they are, though.
He is in very good condition, although his horns show some signs of being loved. Other parts of him are practically mint.
No hang tag, butt tag still attached.

Good luck!

Also: For those of you who have trying to get a hold of me: I've just finished my honours essays, so over the next few days I will be getting back to you! Thanks for your patience :)
Tags: blaziken, pokedolls
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