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Grail get & the end (?) of a collection! & a sales update!

Hi everybody,

We're finally getting a chance to update - past few weeks have been super busy! But we've managed to acquire a very, very nice grail piece...

2005-2006 Victory Orb Mew, the final Mew card needed to finish boyfriend's collection! He now has every single Mew card, Japanese & English that was ever printed, including cameos. Yayyy! Pictures of the rest of his collection under the cut.

English cards:

Japanese cards:

Random other Mew cards (some are just sealed versions of the ones in his binder already...)

Lugia Movie Booklet Ancient Mew 

Giant Corocoro Promo card

Pokemon Fan Club Trainer

Mew Folders both still sealed, blue is a Toys R Us exclusive

Mew half-deck

JR Rally Lilypad Mew

00 Vending Sheet, unpeeled!  The Mew card from here is "Bubble Mew".

Other side of the 00 Vending sheet

We do have a lot of doubles from getting all the cards needed for his collection, so if you see something you like, ask away! Chances are, we have it.. T___T for us, ^___^ for you!

Also, we've updated sales (finally!) with some new stuff -- new flats, reversible plush & slashed prices on some stuff as well, having a giant battrio clearance, so take a look! We're also having a 5% discount on any purchases over $50 (before shipping & fees).  Must make some money for summer cons... ^^;;;

Click the image for our sales~

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