Brittiny (karoia) wrote in pkmncollectors,

mega apology on pokedoll offers!!!

I apologize, I had put my eevee pokedolls up for offer and said I would get back to everyone as quickly as possible but... I put them up for offer right before I went to an anime convention. I traveled 4 hours to get there and was gone from Fridy-Sunday so I wasn't at the computer very much. I apologize because I said I'd respond quickly. But I was mega distracted, the con was so fun! But anyway, I'm going to keep them up for offer a bit longer. I am looking for at least $30 for each (Vaporeon more like $45). So if you're interested go look! Espeon has been sold now as well :]

and for the convention I went to... can you guess what I was dressed up as?

Did you guess Marill? :] You're right!!!

Not the best quality picture, but you can see my full outfit!
I was also a Sudowoodo, but I don't have many good shots uploaded yet. I do have one picture so far being Sudoowoodo blocking a path (and being a troll).

and here's a preview of the adventures Marill and I had!

more on that later!

anyway I apologize again for the delay and I hope you all had a good weekend! I know I did!! :D

OH and for this GA...

I put in a shipping request to SMJ but they haven't billed me yet? So I have e-mailed them asking if the request went through or what is going on. I apologize for the wait and will keep you updated!
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