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Yay A Multipost xD

Well, originally I was only going to post a reminder of my marble GA, but then I came to the conclusion that such a post would be too bland...So I decided to do a collection update and mini-wants list as well! Might as well hit multiple pidoves with one stone, yes? :b
I've actually been wanting to do a collection update, but then I buy more merch and think..."Alright...I'll do it after I get my stuff in the mail" and then I buy more stuff and wait for that stuff, and the cycle becomes endless...Seriously....Does this happen to anyone else? XDDD

Annnd...I may have spent waaayyyy too long on that collection update doodle. I even made an userpic to go with it xDD; i hope you guys enjoy it though. But Anywaaaaayyyyy~ Onwards! Warning: Kinda Image heavy.

I guess I'll start off by re-introducing myself. I joined sometime during the beginning of this year after weeks of lurking and being too shy to join x3;
Well, I'm a college student and as you would suspect, I collect sneasel/weavile. My inspiration to begin collection was my boyfriend.  His favorite pokemon is sneasel/weavile so I started buying him sneasel/weavile stuff after we started dating....Annnndd....My, his, our collection started expanding from there xD. 

My personal favorite pokemon, however, are actually feraligatr, purrloin, and raichu. I adooorreeee purrloin so don't be surprised if  you start seeing a purrloin collection from me in the future xD [But right now I'm mainly focusing on getting sneasel stuff.] And although I also collect weavile, my primary focus is sneasel. It's just that weavile has so much more merch than sneasel and is it's evolution so I feel obligated to get weavile merch too. It's so unfaiiiirrrr. XDD

Welp. That's about it. I've only been buying items here and there, but I hope to become more well known throughout the community as the Sneasel Prince [or something] :D hahaha [and make some more friends xD] You can call me Luckless, Prince, Lucky, whatever floats your boat as long as I know that you are referring to me xD

And....Collection time!

My collection has grown quite a bit since I joined this community~  In fact, I'm almost out of room on top of the dresser where I keep all my merch! xD [I can't even fit all of it into a single picture anymore rofl]

Starting off with plush! I'm still after the Tomy weavile plush and the 2009 weavile pokedoll b:

Flats are next! Lots and lots of flat goodness!  [And there will be more in addition in the future of course! :3c]

Flats part 2 [Better pictures of the sneasel standee flats] and my beloved [and expensive] sneasel johto charm! xD.  I'm after the poketime sneasel bookmark and clearfile + candy tin, I know they exist, but I can't seem to find them anywhere where the sellers aren't deliberately trying to rip me off b:

My sneasel pokemon time shirt! Or, moreover, my boyfriend's xD! My friend from Japan got this for me from her pokemon center after she found out that I collected sneasel/weavile b: I love her to bits for all the stuff she sends me <3

My children, I mean kids! :D It took me awhile, but I finally got all of the weavile kids! I only needed two more, and finally got my package from captainangel  's vaporeon-07 GA. I tore that bubbles mailer open so fast! XD Thanks a bunch, captain! [does that sound weird to anyone else? xD]

A lot of random stuff. Keychains, figures, v-trainers, puzzles.....You get the idea xDD

Zukan! Sorry for the terrible pictures! xD; My camera decided that it did not enjoy taking pictures of zukans b:

And lastly.....Battrios!  i only need one more, and I will have obtained each of the sneasel and weavile battrios! b:

And now a wants list b: Please bare with me, as this is my first time making a wants list xD 

Weavile Tomy [Seriously... This thing eludes me EVERYTIME Orz XD]
Sneasel/Weavile Pan stickers
Sneasel Pokemon Time Merch: Candy Tin, Bookmark, Clearfile, whatever else that exists! xD!
Sneasel Battle Museum figure/ pencil topper
Weavile pencil topper
Weavile chou gett
Weavile retsuden stamper/stickers,
Sneasel swing chain
Weavile pokedoll charm, and anything else sneasel/weavile! [But not TCGs as I'm not collecting those at the moment b:]

Here are some pics of stuff I want that don't know the names of! XD \o/ i found them on different sites, and they're usually either really expensive or on Y!J so I'm going to see if anyone in the community would sell them to me before I resort to other resources b:

I'm pretty much looking for anything sneasel/weavile that I don't already have, so if you've got something I don't have that you wanna sell, then hit me! :D Gimme your sneasels/weaviles! Gimme Gimme Gimme!

And I finally have a picture of my grail from when I first began collecting, thanks to xxiiijamesiiixx ! The elusive differently posed sneasel tomy, [I call it the hadouken pose XD] I've only seen it once [well, twice now that I've seen it in james's collection XD], and when I got scammed when I tried to purchase it from a seller.

It turns out the seller was a banned member :/ I was able to get some pictures of the figure from that seller, but I lost them  when I reformatted...And now I have a picture again! Yay! :D I hope to get this figure one day! The figure of my dreams:

And finally, to the main point of this post, my marble GA. There are still a lot of marbles that had no claims on them! So get bidding! xD!

Click the picture to go to the GA! [If I did the html right that is....xDDD]

Thanks for looking! This college kid is gonna hop into bed now @_@ Lucklessprince may or may not have pulled an all nighter xDDD.... Anyway, until next time, loves~ i hope you enjoyed looking at my humble collection!
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