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Battrio GA (we won!) Payment #1

Ok, so first of all I want to apologize for not making a post or updating the other post to say that we won before now, there was some funny business going on with Noppin, and I didn't want to post that we had won before it all got straightened out. (Basically they were saying the auction was still ongoing even though the auction had physically ended with us as the winners)
ANYWHO. We DID win, and here is everyone's totals!
Please keep in mind that these totals do include fees from the middleman service (bank wire fee, service fee, etc, and everyone is paying $1.41 each to cover the fees, including myself and aburamechan )
(here is a link to the invoice: i653.photobucket.com/albums/uu259/AburameChan/Journal%203/noppinedgfjverdfkgnersd.png)

Please send all payments to deidarabang(@)yahoo.com , with a memo that says your USERNAME in the SUBJECT along with "Battrio GA payment 1" 
Here is the spreadsheet!
(Please pay the BOLDED amount!)

Please update the spreadsheet to say when you've paid, so that we have a record ^^

Tags: group auction, payments
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