Vulpecula (astralvulpes) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Group Auctions/Buys Vs. Preselling.

It seems that there has been a lot of pre-selling going on, which, if you are collecting payment before you have the items in hand, this is against the community rules.

I will admit, that I do not read every single post that is made in this community, so I apologize in that I have missed these posts that have been occurring. I will be reading every single post from now on, however, seeing as there have been things going on I have been missing.

I want to clarify something however --

There is a difference between a group auction and pre-selling.

A group auction is when an individual in the community sees a 'lot' of items in a live auction, and wants to pool people in the community together to pay for the auction, thus everyone is paying up front - this is the only time it is okay to collect payment before having items in hand; this is not the same thing as buying a 'lot' of items by yourself and then selling them before you get them. Buyers must also realize there is a 'risk' at participating in a group auction - the items may be dirty or broken, as sometimes the auction pictures are not clear. (There's also the chance you could never receive said items, as I've had countless things lost by SMJ...)

So, bottom line:

It is not okay to ask for payment in advance if you bought it yourself already (and do not have it hand) and just want to sell your items quickly. Please be patient and wait until your items come in from SMJ/Rinkya or wherever.

Holding items is also fine, as long as there is no exchange of funds before the items are in your hands.

The community rules will be edited to clarify this.

EDIT: The overall point of allowing group auctions is to allow community members to get rarer items that they normally could not afford alone, thus funds are pooled together to work together as a whole. The aim of this is not to make a profit, whereas a presale is.

Further more, a presale is when an individual buys an 'lot' on their own and decides to sell it off before they have the items in hand. Their intent is to make a profit as an individual, and this does not benefit the community in the same way that a group auction does.

Both have risks, but in this community, only group auctions are allowed. Technically by buying anything on this community, you are taking a risk.
Tags: group auction, modpost
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