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GA reminder + sales + auction interest?

Hey guys! :D Lots of things in this post! First off, I'm posting the first and last reminder for the EPIC TOMY GA that ends on July 7 at 10:15 PM EST. There's still tons of figures that don't have bids! Currently, I believe we've already raised enough to top the one bid on this auction, but I'm not sure yet (haven't checked it again since yesterday so it may have gone up). Keep getting those bids in and make sure you read my notes in some of the threads!

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Also, please note that my birthday is on July 7, so I will probably not be getting you your payment info until the following day. However, I WILL be checking for sniping and bids placed after the end of the auction! So get those bids in before it ends!!!

Secondly, I was granted sales permission by dakajojo on 7/2/11, so I'm proud to announce my first ever sales post at Bibarel's Leftovers (derp apostrophe in leftovers on the banner)! :D Click my crappy hastily-drawn banner to be transported to the sales!

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Note: I am going OFFLINE so I will reply to comments when I get back! <3
Not a ton of stuff yet, but hopefully you'll see something you like :3 There's figures, some plush, some cards, and some miscellaneous stuff. Because I will be out on Thursday for my birthday, I will most likely be shipping all items then from this post! I will also be going to TRU then, and will most likely be adding new stuff to my sales post after!

Auction question! Finally, I have some items I was wondering if anyone would be interested in if I hold an auction for them. I have some very rare items: an Espeon TOMY keychain with the chain, a Quilava bell keychain, and a Charizard capsule figure (not sure how rare he is though D:). Would there be any interest if I held an auction for these guys?

Thanks everyone! :3
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