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kids and a darkrai card

So I did something unusual for myself, and I bought 3 packs of Pokemon cards from Target. Each had a special card in it (Pikachu, Riolu, and Promo Buneary, if anyone would like them).. and then one of the packs had this!

But going back to the reason I bought the cards in the first place.. well, there isn't one. So if anyone likes this card, just make a reasonable offer and it's yours!

And now for your favourite part of course. I still had a bunch left over from last time.. so here you go. Prices haven't really changed.

[1 to 3 kids]
US - $2.50
UK - $4.00
AU - $6
(+ $1.50 for over 3 kids)

I ship items every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

I only accept Paypal at the moment. Please send all payments to addictneo@yahoo.com. The Paypal fee is included in your total cost.

Pokemon listed under SOLD that are in italic are waiting to be paid for.

make offers
Latios is custom-painted by juumou
SOLD: Glaceon

$4 each
SOLD: Gengar, Darkrai, Aggron

$3 each
SOLD: Prinplup, Zigzagoon

$2 each
SOLD: Mudkip

$1 each
SOLD: Mudkip

As for the rest of me, I am waiting on a lot of Pachirisu stuff in the mail 8D
I think I'm suffering from a withdrawal because I haven't gotten anything in over a week, which is out of the ordinary since I buy so much Pokemons every day. It's gotten to the point where I glare at UPS trucks when they drive by..
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