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Happy Independence Day! Super Sales, Super Cheap!

I'm in need of money and space, so I've lowered my sales prices so low that nothing is above $26 shipped internationally! :D I have figures, cards, mega bloks, McDonald's toys, Sugimori clear files, and more that are in need of new homes! :)

Rules and sales under the cut! :D

I was given sales permission from dakajojo on 5/22/11 :D

All prices include fees and shipping within the US!  If you live outside of the US, please add $1 to shipping fees! :) Also, all prices in US Dollars :3

I can hold an item for you as long as you mention how long the hold is and as long as you really plan on buying the item! :3

Haggling is okay :> I may or may not accept your offer, but I won't get mad if you try! x3

I only accept PayPal payments at this time--sorry for any inconvenience this may cause :(

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! :D

Zekrom Jakks Deluxe Figure, has a few minor dents in the body and out of packaging $10

Spiky-Eared Pichu Mask, new with stickers $10

Misdreavus + Mismagius Zukan Set, new but out of packaging $5

New DS Lite DP Case, $5

My Little Pokemon:  Friendship is Derp (off-center squishy Jakks Friend Ball) new in packaging, $2.50

Cute inflatable cushion that I could never inflate, new $6

Holo and Reverse Holo Cards all mint
Great Encounters 44 Loudred, $1
Undaunted 80 Special Metal Energy, $2
Secret Wonders 100 Psyduck, $1
Rising Rivals 45 Rapidash 4, $1
Undaunted 10 Umbreon, $2
Unleashed 73 Emcee's Chatter, $2
Arceus 98 Salamence Lv.X, $7

Mini Binders, new (the front has the Legendary Dogs while the back has the GS Mascots), $4 (I only have one!)

(trynyti will be doing a gb for this) Pokemon Christmas Plate Set with Box, $25

Sugimori Latios and Latias Clearfile, new in packaging $9

Sugimori Darkrai Dialga and Palkia clearfile, new with packaging $9 (I have TWO available)

Sugimori Rayquaza Encounter clearfile, new with packaging $9

World Championship 2010 Hawaii Cardboard deck box, used $2

Mega bloks, Illumise, Kirlia, Gardevoir, Clefairy, new $3 each
Metang Kid, new $3

McDonald's Pikachu, new with opened packaging $3

McDonald's Reshiram, new with opened packaging $3 each (only one left!~)

Thanks for looking! :D
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