jesswyn (jesswyn) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Is anyone looking for me? + Visa update

Hello community! Some of you may remember me from recently, I was feeling guilty for buying too many things and was also waiting for my visa to go to Canada to see my husband who I've been away from for 6 months and you guys gave me lots of wonderful words and advice and luck for my visa, and miraculously the next morning I received my visa! I believe you guys played a part in that, so thank you <33

I've arrived in Canada and been here for a couple days, and I was greeted with many lovely packages from the community that I still have to open and organize and take photos of <3 ANYWAY, due to jet lag and many things going on, i'm scared I may have missed some GA payments, this community moves fast! If I owe anyone money, please let me know! I'm usually more organized than this but moving to another country can mess a lot of things up, so yes please let me know!

Also expect a Venonat & Friends update in the next week or so, depending if I receive all my packages due to the Canada post strike, apart from the ones waiting for me I received one today, so 18 more to go!
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