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Card Collection (warning - image heavy!)

We've been at the community for a bit now and have only just found time to take pictures of our card collection ^-^ The folder isn't the best organised, but I've sorted it by type in case we need specific cards when we're playing the TCG - look under the cut for pretties!~

A bit of a warning! ^^; -there are loads and loads of images! I've put a short-cut below for those who just want to see the cards Ive got for sale :)

Of course, I know what it's like to collect Pokemon, so if you see anything in any of the collection photos you've been looking for, then just let me know-  there's no harm in asking, right? :)

Our rare cards are all in my cute old Bulbasaur folder ^_^

Here come the cards!~

Type your cut contents here.
When sorting out the cards, I found that we've got a quite a few  doubles of Rare and reverse Holo cards, so I thought I'd put them up here! Let me know if you'd like close up/better photos :)

Rare Holo cards
Magmortar Lv.X: $10
Cresselia, Darkrai: $5 each
Flygon POP card: $2
Sableye, Roserade, Shiftry, Stantler: $1 each

Rare Reverse Holo
Pachirisu: $2
Bibarel, Shiftry: $1

Rare Non-Holo
Latios: $2
All others: $1 (I have two Solrock and two Xatu for sale ^-^)

Uncommon/Common Reverse Holo - $0.50 each

*phew* ^-^;;
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