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Packages Received

I received packages yesterday from ravestars85  and eeveelution !!! Thanks guys! If you have a feedback page, please direct me and I'll be more than happy to oblige. ^_^ The pokekids are so cute! ♥

I'll probably be having a sales post soon. I have a bunch of stuff that needs a new home.

I'd also like to share my findings from my trip to Little Tokyo recently. ^_^

Darkrai medium plush! He was only $12.99 thankfully. ^_^

Darkrai and Groudon Pez dispensers! They're holding the candy they came with. They're so cute! :3 They also have a Jirachi and Pacharisu dispenser. The usually have the Darkrai one in stock, too. If anybody wants either of those, let me know. I'll gladly get them for you pending availability. A couple of stores usually have them in stock, so there should be no problem. They will be $7, plus $1.50 shipping in US and $2.50 shipping internationally.

I know the pic is blurry. I apologize for that. T_T Again, bipolar Mac cam. ^^; This is a coin case that was only supposed to be sold in Japan. At least, that's what the box it came in said. Leave it to Little Tokyo to get such things. XD;; Anyhoo, it came with a cool Electivire/Elekible (Jap name) gold coin. You can't see it very well here. Sorry. The sticker is of Meowth and Pikachu surrounded by gold and silver coins. The coin you get with the case is random. I was hoping for the Dialga coin. ^^; If anyone wants one of these, they will be $6, plus $2.50 shipping in the US or $3.50 shipping internationally. :)
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