Jesse Roberts (jess111303) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Jesse Roberts

Offers Reminder (Finally) Also, McDonalds cards and MIP McDonalds Oshawott for Sale! And Question


Now with a -coughcrappycough- banner ^ Click on said banner to go to the offers page. I have also added BIN prices to Entei and Zoroark.

I don't have pictures of them but they are as follows (if you want pictures just ask, I won't mind taking them if someone wants me to but if I don't have to, I'm not going to):

MInt Condition Munna Card - $2
Mint Condition Oshawott Card - $2
MIP Oshawott Bobble/Wobbly figure with Blitlze Card - $4

If you want to haggle a little on these three items, go ahead.

Also, a commissions update:

darkfaeprincess, I will be done very soon. I am so sorry for the delays again by the way.

jadekitty777, I still just need to do the antlers and then he'll be done.

People I have arranged to trade customs for items with, I'll be getting to yours shortly :)

Also QUESTIONNNNNNN!!!!!! How do you change your LJ Username? Mine irks me ._. Answered! Thank you :)
Tags: blitzle, deoxys, entei, munna, oshawott, zoroark
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