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Vids of Talking Darkrai plus some collection pics

This post is quite pic and vid heavy!

Okay, I feel really dumb. In my last post I said I'd post vid/sound of my new Talking Darkrai plush as soon as I was able to since I didn't have a camera that records sound. I totally forgot that my own digital camera does! I've been using my sister's camera since it takes better quality pics, but it doesn't record sound. I haven't used my own camera in awhile, hence why I forgot all about the fact that it can record sound. o_o;

So I've recorded five vids, one of each phrase he does, and uploaded them to youtube so that I can post the vids here. Warning: the vids are VERY crappy. You'll also probably have to pump up the volume in order to hear what he says, because the sound is also crappy. Unfortunately it's the best quality I can do, and it does work somewhat. Yay! Hopefully these work, because youtube's being a bit weird with them. When I try to watch, one or two will randomly be unavailable.. Then several minutes later they'll be fine, whereas a couple different ones will be unavailable.. Well, here's hoping! -crosses fingers-

Also, I'm extra, extra, EXTRA HAPPY today because I received my big plush Darkrai in the mail!!!! XD He's so big! -cuddles- So I took pics of him.

The first pokemon plush I got (at least the first one this time around... when I was little and watching/playing the first season/generation of pokemon my sister and I got lots of pokemon toys too) which started my pokemon collecting craze once more was a giant Palkia plush. My friends and I were wandering around Target one night when I happened to spy with my little eye a giant Palkia plush on a random shelf. Palkia and Dialga were selling for $25 at Target for awhile, and I didn't want to shell out so much on a stuffed animal at the time. This was, of course, before I started collecting and found out that these same ones were so freaking much more expensive anywhere else. Anyway, so I saw this random Palkia and walked over to it just because anything pokemon deserved at least my observation, if not my purchase. Palkia was on clearance for $6!! Obviously, I grabbed him and bought him. So I have pics of him here, too.

The first thing I bought on ebay was a Mew plush for my sister, who loves Mew, that was being sold for what I judged a great price for the size of plush it is. I included her in the pics as well. So, without further ado,

Palkia- "rawr."
Talking Darkrai- "This is everyone's.. er.. blanket!"
Palkia- "-grumble-"
Darkrai Plush- "He's right. It's.. Picnic time!"
All- "Yay! Party!"
Mew- "I brought the celly!"
legendaries legendariesphone
And now.. Portraits:
mewphone palkiaphone darkraibros
And my new Darkrai plush on his own! :D
darkraiplush darkraiplush2 darkraiplushphone

Just wondering, are these good pic sizes, or do y'all prefer to see bigger ones? I resize with photobucket down to this size, but I can keep them a bit bigger if you'd like.

I hope I did the tags right!
Edit: I guess my tags don't show up unless they're already on the tags list?
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