faderkid (faderkid) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Kanto and Johto laser cut acrylic badges for offers

sales permission granted by denkimouse

feedback is here: http://faderkid.livejournal.com/734.html

-Paypal only
-I ship from California
-I expect payment within a day of accepting an offer, otherwise appropriate feedback will be left
-Be wary, I work full time and can't always respond immediately. I will try my best to answer all questions swiftly and keep everyone updated.

New Installation: if every badge from either set is claimed and there are offers for the set each person will have to up the claim of their individual badges to make a higher offer than the user offering on the set, in essence a GA.
Also I'll put these up for offers initially for 2 weeks or until people stop offering, I'd say a good 3 or 4 days of not getting offers. Thanks!

offers end when I feel the offer is good enough or interest dies.
These are customs made by a user I found on Etsy.


starts @ $25


starts @ $25

I'm only willing to split up the sets if all badges from their respective sets are also claimed. Thanks!
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