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ModPost: Monthly Reminder for July

That's right! ModPost: Monthly Reminder time! I will be reiterating and covering rules that have been consistently broken and/or ignored lately as well as introducing some new ones! So please read this post thoroughly regardless if you are a new or tenured member.

Items put up for Offers (starting now and going forward)
If you put an item or items up for offers it is now your responsibility to indicate the lowest amount you are willing to accept.

You may no longer refuse sale to members who offer on items so long as they meet the lowest amount you are willing to accept. This does not mean that you are unable to accept offers UNDER the amount you are setting. Simply, you can no longer deny a sale for an item based on an offer being too low if a member offers the lowest amount you are willing to accept. An exception to this rule is, of course, if the member is banned from your sales/ect.

Buyers - After placing your order, respond to the seller to notify them that payment has been sent and include a direct link to your feedback. Once you receive (or don't receive given a reasonable amount of time has passed) your order please leave feedback for the seller.

Sellers - Once a buyer sends you payment and provides you with a link to their feedback, LEAVE them feedback. There is no excuse to not take 30 quick seconds to leave your buyers feedback. They shouldn't have to chase you around begging for it.

It's a two-way street. Everyone involved should be giving and receiving feedback. Please and thank you.

"Emergency" Sales
These have been a crazy trend lately. Although we understand you may have specific reasons for needing to make a sales post, we honestly don't need to know those reasons. In many cases, these "emergencies" are not really emergencies. And, even if they are - personal stuff like that needs to be kept on your personal journal. Saying "EMERGENCY SALE!!! VET SAYS MY CAT NEEDS EXPENSIVE LAXATIVE!!! POOR KITTIE POO!!! HALP!!!" (just as a silly example) is just not needed, nor should it be used to draw in sales. So... going forward, no more "emergency" sales. I'm sorry if a random bill came up, your pet needs to go to the vet, your biggest grail has popped up, or something equally as dramatic. Make a normal sales post with a normal title without the theatrics.

Off-topic Posts
If the focus of your post is NOT Pokemon merchandise, it is OFF TOPIC. Of course discussing your in-game team, anime happenings, even cameos by merchandise of other franchises are OK, as long as they are not the focus of the post. This includes posts about how people should contact you because you aren't going to be on or will be away... it is YOUR responsibility to contact those who may need to contact you, especially if you owe payments. On that note, "who do I owe?" posts are not allowed. It is your responsibility to keep track of your purchases and what GAs you've participated in.

Customs in commission posts (as long as you have sales permission) and in collection posts are allowed. However, if you are posting your most recent Pokemon creation or art we need to make it clear that this is not the proper community to be doing so. You should really be showing off your custom creations and art over at poke_arts . If these posts are seen, they will be deleted.

Y!J Middleman Posts
Per our community rules, these fall under "begging posts". There are dozens of deputy services for bidding on Y!J. If you wish to bid or buy on Y!J please sign up for one of them. You may not ask someone on the community to use their deputy service for you. There is no excuse to not get your own account. This rule only applies to Yahoo!Japan. Middlemen requests for countries besides Japan are fine (as there are no deputies available or fees involved).

Reminder Posts
I shouldn't be posting this again as it was in June's ModPost: Monthly Reminder. There is only need for ONE "reminder post" for your auctions/best offers/store runs/group auctions/anything you are running. We do not need a reminder once a day for a week about the same items. This rule applies to a post whose sole purpose is a reminder, simple text reminders added to your posts are not limited. Deleting an old reminders post simply to post another will not be tolerated.

Sales Posts
We've been seeing a lot of members posting sales posts over and over with only minor changes or additions to their stock. If you are advertising your permanent sales post, or reposting sales that include the same items more than once there has to be a DRAMATIC change in stock in order for the post to be acceptable and in compliance with our community rules. Lowering the prices slightly or adding just a few items to bypass this rule is not acceptable.

I would like everyone to take a few minutes to reread our community rules.

Collection update, contest and more coming soooooooon. :)

Thanks everyone. ♥
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