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Pokemon Center Success!

Pokemon Center run was a big success, I was able to get everything everyone asked for on my last post!  Just about everyone sent their payments already too, thank you for making the first run super smooth and easy :D  

There were a couple of comments I received only after I left for the Center, I'm going to try and make a quick trip tomorrow evening after my first day of work.  (I'll be wandering around the Pokemon Center all decked out in a suit, that will be amusing).  I'll still take orders even from people who missed the first post, just please make sure to read the rules/info I have posted.  I'm lucky to be staying super close to the Center and can go there on a whim throughout the week.

It doesn't look like a lot, but this is a giant bag full of all your guys' stuff!  (Crummy iPod pic is crummy, sorry)

I also grabbed a bunch of extra things and updated the sales with new stuff that I have on hand :)

( Fake Cut to the Pokemon Center Sales/Pickups~! )

denkimouse already posted the pictures we had of Pokedoll and ferret fun times yesterday.  After Storm got bored, we went to play UFO Catcher machines - my first time!  I have been buying Pokemon UFO plush online since 2000 and it was exciting to finally win the plush for myself.  We also found the new Zukan set in a gachapon machine and a random assortment of Kids for sale.  I could have spent all day playing the UFO catchers, but I didn't have much yen on me.  Below is everything I got :D

I was pretty terrible at the machines at first. You don't have free control over the claw like in US crane games - you can only move it horizontally once and then vertically once. And if you go too far over, you can't move it back! I was so anxious about holding down the button too long that I was dropping the claw too early EVERY SINGLE TIME. I eventually got the hang of it though. This was my most amusing win - I was trying for the Victini, but when I missed horribly the claw landed perfectly in Axew's string loop. That string was actually so securely on the claw that we needed to call an employee over to open up the machine! There's no way I could have done that if I tried.

Last but not least, my mushroom collection. My sister and I find Foongus and Amoonguss hilarious so I started a spontaneous collection. The dot promo tin was a gift from taycs, thank you sweetheart ♥ I have to remember to grab the Pokedoll tomorrow!

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