sad is happy for deep people (rocket_chick) wrote in pkmncollectors,
sad is happy for deep people

Sale lot!

Hi all! Have been cleaning out my room, which resulted in "OMG I totally forgot I had that!". As such, I have a small lot for sale today.

I'm afraid I won't be separating this - postage is quite a bit (especially since I live in Australia) and probably takes about half the price o_0 You could probably have better luck reselling these than I would, though, especially if you live in the USA.
It contains a "talking 'palm' Lucario", about 6 zukans (misdreavus line, buneary line, movie mewtwo, lucario x 2 and Lugia) a stylus, a spineless Dialga and some cards (including a rare "player's Celebi" card).

I asking $55 shipped
I will accept offers, but please remember what I said about shipping!

Tags: lucario, sales, zukan
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