Okapifeathers (okapifeathers) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Attention Vancouverites/others in the area!

i figure it's about time i get off (on?) my ass and host this meet-up i keep going on about. who's with me?

yeah, i knew you would be.

basically this will be a chance to meet and get to know your fellow semi-local pokemon fanatics. it will likely last an entire day, and we will be moving from place to place in search of pokemon merchandise like the good little collectors we are. of course, some decisions need to be made beforehand.

if you want to participate, please click onward, ever onward, and help us decide on the best date and the best locations.

first and foremost are the actual dates of said meet-up. i'm aiming for the  the first weeks of august to give everyone a bit of time to get days off, etc.

the dates that work for me right now are: August 4th, 5th, and possibly the 8th or 9th. i am flexible most days, but i work sat/sun/wed.

and what would we be doing on our adventure? shopping, of course. top places of interest are Gacha Hobbies in Aberdeen mall, and Metrotown (TRU and Sakura Media etc). does anyone know of any other good places in Vancouver or the surrounding area?

i was thinking we could begin our adventure at Gacha Hobbies in Richmond and work our way out to Metrotown where we can have dinner (sushi anyone?) and possibly end the night with a movie. this means you will most likely want to purchase a daypass for the buses/trains if you don't already have a pass.

once we start deciding on the finer details, i will make a more official post complete with nerdy canadian banner.

please don't be upset if you miss this meetup! i'm not going anywhere and i will be glad to host more in the future, and i'm also usually available for casual hangouts.

i guess that about sums it up. so how much interest is there? still as much as there was before i went on vacation? c'mon dudes, you know you want to meet Portable Whale and little Beast Boy. you know you do.

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