Hellblaze (waspxbee) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Birthday haul! 28 and still loves Pokemon!

Only 2 things came in the mail today and this is what I got! :D

Clear Charizard and Groudon plush! <3 The Groudon I got on Ebay from China and on his tag it says Takara Tomy. This plush is soo cute and my first Honen legend plush. I'll get the other two to go with him. I hear Groudon was soo hard to find and get so I got one on ebay by luck. Soon this little fella will sell out fast once people find out O.o

Poor Groudon he's so small but cute :3 Zekrom is still my fave though. My plush collection is still growing. I plan on getting Rayquaza, Kyogre and Reshiram. Snivy still isn't here yet but when it does come here I'll post a pic on him until then I'm gonna go and enjoy my BDay cake! ^w^ God I feel so old...x.x
Tags: charizard, groudon, plush, zekrom
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