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Horrifically Insane GA - Leftover Sales!

Hey everyone! I come from the land of This Box, which was thoroughly inspected and given the Seel of approval by Ponti and The Bevy.

Everything went swimmingly, and everything is sorted out into respective bubble mailers or boxes, in the case of a few people. The spreadsheet is under the cut, as well as the leftover sales, so use that cut!*
Spreadsheet is located here! 
Please put your username and "Horrifically Huge GA" in the memo as per the last payment request. Send to ThisUsernameFails@gmail.com

I will NOT sell everything to a single person. I've had this problem once before, and all that says to me is that you're going to resell these. I don't care for that. I understand side collections, impulse buys, and the general collecting of one type of figure, but when someone asks for the whole lot of leftovers, I get leery.

Aside from that note, the usual sales rules are set in place. Please be descriptive and courteous, and I'll do the same.

24 hour Holds acceptable.

INFO: Most of these kids are in pretty decent condition, so if you are concerned, please let me check for you! I'm flat pricing most of these so they can get the heck out of my house, but I am not going through them to look for every mark. I'll be more than happy to check on request, though!

All large plush $5 (Buneary is missing a nose, but I would be happy to put one on for you!)
Chimchar and Pachirisu - 1
SOLD: Buneary, Pachirisu, Chimchar, Winking Pika

All in this pic - .50 Scorupi x2
SOLD: Solrock, Claydol, nidoqueen, numel, psyduck, graveler w/ rock

All here - .75 except munchlax, regigigas,
and poliwhirl - .50 and sableye - $1
SOLD: Poliwhirl, Munchlax, Hariayama, Sableye, weavile, munchlax, regigigas,

All .75 except for Skiploom, who is clear and $1.
SOLD: Bronzong, Barboach, pikachu, swellow, sandslash, blastoise, grotle x2, makuhita, mantine, bronzor,

All .50 except for sceptile and heracross - $1
SOLD: Heracross, , cloyster, weezing, starmie, munchlax,, celebi

All .50 (There are two ONE wynaut, one's not pictured) except for clearm lomber and surskit, .75
SOLD: Surskit, Zubat, One Wynaut, Poliwrath

All .75 except beat up seel and good condition onix and lunatone- .50
SOLD: Lunatone, Chimecho, onix, meditite,

All .50
SOLD: Wigglytuff, Exeggcute, luvdisc

All .50
SOLD: Baltoy, dodrio,

Lenticular evolvers - .05 each
SOLD: Eevee

TOMY figures ? and... Baseless manaphy Kaiyodo figs? .50 for the TOMY, .10 for the kaiyodo.
SOLD: Pachirisu, one manaphy,

Kaiyodo Bottlecap figures - .50 each .10 for baseless swellow
1x Pikachu, 0x Swellow, 1x Mime Jr, 1x Munchlax

Salamence, Drapion TOMY ,  Torchic and Latias x1 ??? - $1
Munchlax - .50 together or .25 a piece, orange is missing his chain
Pikachu and raichu .10 each
Deoxys Tomy? .20
Articuno ??? .10
Torkoal seems to be a zukan with a broken cloud. .10

All are scuffed figures, all are free! Please take them! Potential booties.
GONE: Nidorina, slowbro,

*Warning: HMs may not be forgotten at this time.
Tags: deoxys, figures, group auction, kids, munchlax, pikachu, plush, sales, swellow, zukan
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