Xzeeko (xzeeko) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick Questions/Wants

  1. Hi!  Sorry to bother you all with another wants and questions post, but I was wondering, how much do Munchlax Kids usually go for?
  2. And also, can I get a picture of the bottom of any Pokemon Kid Figure?  I would just like to know what it looks like. xD
  3. I was wondering if anyone had a Munchlax, Vulpix, Zorua, Snivy, or Any of the Chu's kids in their sales post, because I might want to buy them from you.  I am looking for somewhere around $2-$3 with all fees included for the Munchlax.  For the others I know they are more expensive than that. If you have any one of these kids could you show me to the Sales post thing they are in?  Thank you! 
  4. I really don't care about boxes, or if they are dirty.  Just if they are not marked all over XD
  5. Here are some pictures to keep this Post ALIVE!  Please note that none of these Pictures are mine ^u^

Also, I am looking for an Igglybuff Jakks plush!  If anyone has one for sale please let me know!  I am looking for around $12-$15 Shipped, not including fees, though I am not sure how rare this specific Jakks is.  Tell me if that would be too low on a regular sale.

Ad one last thing.  a link to my collections site!

Just click the banner to be transported!
Thanks a lot for listening to my blahblahblah!
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