segamew (segamew) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Leeky's Super Plush GA and GB Payment #1

Remember this GA and GB?

1st Payments are in! And apparently, internal/domestic shipping is free (better be, I bought from this seller like three times before)! Either that or SMJ is going to sneak attack me and pour it all into EMS shipping to me or something.But in any case, go to the spreadsheet below to see your total! All GA items got 42% off, and the GB Cyndaquils and Chikoritas are $6 each instead of $10 =3 BEHOLD THE SUPER POWER OF TEAMWORK GUYS!

The calculations were done by me, the usernames and plush claims and bid amounts are by my lovely co-host, hebilea !

Please send your first payments to segamew_art_emporium (@) and include your LJ username! Also edit in the spreadsheet with you confirming that you paid and your Country/Zip. If you have any questions, complaints, etc, let me know! Also please be careful not to delete anything accidentally since almost every numbered block has a formula @__@

On a non GA/GB note, plugging in my Leeky Emporium. Good gravy I need more PRETTIFUL ARTS TO DECORATE IT WITH.
As for SEGAMew's 1st Auction, everyone's items have been shipped except for the Cubone and Vulpix winners (had to repack them because they are going overseas... though anything out of Hawaii IS going overseas... XD; ) They shall go tomorrow! I also need payment still from my_chapstick for your Pikachu bottle holder! PM meeeee!
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