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Quick 7-11 Exclusive Update

It's hot as heck outside, so I came back for a quick shower and found some time to give the comm an update on the 7-11 exclusives. ^_^

Candy grab bags.  It's a ployester drawstring backpack that full of candies.  The first 10 people to purchase grab bag from each store can also pick up a cardboard fan of their respective dragon.  And I was lucky enough to be person number 1 through 6 XD.

If I pick up more later, each bag (candy will not be shipped, and fan is not 100% sure deal) is $14 shipped to US, and will cost a couple dollars more internationally.  Please reply to this post if you want one and indicate which dragon. =)

7-11 TOMY Monster Collection MC figures.  Only Pikachu and Victini are different than their normal toystore versions.  Pikachu has a different pose, and Victini has metallic coating.  Each one is $12 shipped to US and again a couple more dollars for international shipping.

Movie Kids!  13 characters total (shimmering/glittering reprints).  They are $9 shipped to US address each plus a dollar more for international shipping.

If you want the Bento goodies, each set (of pouch, sticker, and metallic Tomy MC dragon figure) is $28 shipped to US.  Please indicate which dragon when requesting them.

Payment is not due until they are ready to ship to you, and everything except for the Bento are fulfill on a first come first serve basis. =)

Request for Bento set must sent by end of Monday. XD

Now if you will excuse me, I have 7-11 stores to pillage visit. =P

P.S.  I haven't slept for the past 30 48 hours, I am going to bed.  >_< 

Update:  First Namco Haul.  The "A Little Big" Glittering/Sparkling Victini was easy compared to the darn MPC and hang plush. =(

I am going to keep one of the giant Victini, so the other three are available for grabs.  Each will be $40 shipped to US address, probably $8 more for international other than Canada (will confirm when I get back).

I need another shower...

Request Lists

Movie Victini MC Figure
xxiiijamesiiixx (confirmed)
elisha1288 (confirmed)

Movie Pikachu MC Figure
elisha1288 (confirmed)
tsuiling (confirmed)
aleyina (confirmed)

Movie Kids Emolga
ruenis (confirmed)
combustion__ (confirmed)
punkspacewafers (confirmed)
charmystar (confirmed)

Movie Kids Dwebble
combustion__ (confirmed)

Movie Kids Pansage
jayceanime (confirmed)

Movie Kids Axew
heatrotomftw97 (confirmed)

Movie Kids Scraggy
dionashi (confirmed)

Movie Kids Snivy
hebilea (confirmed)

Movie Kids Victini
distant_cry (confirmed)
eternal_rena (confirmed)
elisha1288 (confirmed)

Movie Kids Oshawott
eternal_rena (confirmed)

Movie Kids Reshiram
eternal_rena (confirmed)
jeansama (confirmed)

Movie Kids Zekrom
eternal_rena (confirmed)

Movie Kids Pikachu
aleyina (confirmed)

Movie Program
chatsy (confirmed and stamped)

Bento Box Reshiram
xxiiijamesiiixx (confirmed)
whitecygnet (confirmed)

Bento Box Zekrom
xxiiijamesiiixx (confirmed)

Big Sparkling Victini
crayzbrawlr (confirmed)
beckycuh (confirmed)
shortcakemiddy (confirmed)
elisha1288 (confirmed)
jekylljuice85 (confirmed)

Lillipup Hang Plush
usagimakeup (confirmed)

Blitzle Hang Plush
eternal_rena (confirmed)

Movie Clear File Set
chatsy (confirmed)

Pokemon Cafe Messenger Bag
butt_ribbons (confirmed)

Clear 3D Zukan Dragon Set (w/ Clear Victini Kid)
xxiiijamesiiixx (confirmed)
gallade007 (confirmed)
mewstor (confirmed)
angela_samshi (confirmed)
joshpho (confirmed)

Clear 3D Zukan Reshiram

Clear 3D Zukan Zekrom
itsmemaa (confirmed)
orangegarchomp (confirmed)

Clear Victini Kids (loose)
elisha1288 (confirmed)

Pokemon Fan Magazine (vol 18)

Blue Namco Bag

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