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Pokemon Birthstone Necklace Auction

Oh yes, time for another necklace auction. I had so much fun with the zodiac necklace auction I did last month I was talked into making a birthstone series! :D Hopefully in the future I will also be doing a Chinese zodiac series, but for now here are these guys up for grabs. They all start at $10!

Auction Rules/Info
These necklaces are all made be me. The pendents each have a metal backing and I built on top of them with Sculpey III. Details were painted on, they were glazed, and I added little gems as an accent. Each little Pokemon charm is about the size of a dime.

With every necklace I will also include a free cute hand drawn card drawn by me. C:

All community auction rules apply. Any deleted bids or backing out of payment will result in negative feedback and please bid in increments of at least $1 in the specified thread.
Ending bids do not include shipping payment. Shipping to any where in the US is $4 and shipping any where internationally is $5. I ship these in little boxes wrapped in tissue paper and for more fragile figures I will add extra padding in the box. Then I put that little box in a bubble mailer. If you have any concerns or have another way you would like me to ship your item please let me know. You are buying something FRAGILE and I can't always guarantee that it won't break in the mail. I do my best to package these and super glue can be a safe and easy repair. Just let me know and I will do all I can to help. C:
I will only take Paypal payments and must receive payment in 24 hours after I give you your final total.
I have the right to refuse to sell to anybody, especially if you have negative feedback or I have had trouble with you in the past.
Each of these necklaces will start at $10.
This auction will end on Friday July 22nd at 6:00 PM PST.
If you enjoyed getting my customs I would really love for you to give me some feedback. You can find my feedback thread here:


♥Pokemon♥ - Scolipede
♥Birthstone♥ - Garnet
♥Flower♥ - Carnation
♥Color♥ - Black
♥Season♥ - Winter

♥Pokemon♥ - Litwick
♥Birthstone♥ - Amethyst
♥Flower♥ - Violet
♥Color♥ - Purple
♥Season♥ - Winter

♥Pokemon♥ - Vanillite
♥Birthstone♥ - Aquamarine
♥Flower♥ - Jonquil
♥Color♥ - Light Blue
♥Season♥ - Spring


♥Pokemon♥ - Minccino
♥Birthstone♥ - Diamond
♥Flower♥ - Daisy
♥Color♥ - Yellow
♥Season♥ - Spring


♥Pokemon♥ - Reuniclus
♥Birthstone♥ - Emerald
♥Flower♥ - Lily of the Valley
♥Color♥ - Green
♥Season♥ - Spring


♥Pokemon♥ - Oshawott
♥Birthstone♥ - Pearl
♥Flower♥ - Rose
♥Color♥ - White
♥Season♥ - Summer


♥Pokemon♥ - Victini
♥Birthstone♥ - Ruby
♥Flower♥ - Water Lily
♥Color♥ - Red
♥Season♥ - Summer


♥Pokemon♥ - Lilligant
♥Birthstone♥ - Peridot
♥Flower♥ - Gladiolus
♥Color♥ - Light Green
♥Season♥ - Summer


♥Pokemon♥ - Swoobat
♥Birthstone♥ - Sapphire
♥Flower♥ - Morning Glory
♥Color♥ - Blue
♥Season♥ - Fall


♥Pokemon♥ - Cofagrigus
♥Birthstone♥ - Opal
♥Flower♥ - Marigold
♥Color♥ - Gold
♥Season♥ - Fall


♥Pokemon♥ - Joltik
♥Birthstone♥ - Citrine
♥Flower♥ - Chrysanthemum
♥Color♥ - Dark Blue
♥Season♥ - Fall


♥Pokemon♥ - Hydreigon
♥Birthstone♥ - Lapis Lazuli
♥Flower♥ - Holly
♥Color♥ - Green Blue
♥Season♥ - Winter

These last 3 were just made special. I was originally thinking of doing a planet series, but I don't really think there would of been much interest. And I really just wanted to do these 3 anyways. C:


♥Pokemon♥ - Volcarona

♥Pokemon♥ - Darkrai

♥Pokemon♥ - Jirachi

This auction is over. Thank you to everyone that bid!
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