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Theater Goods and my Pokemon Bento lunch

Just got back from PokeCenter, and did I mention it's crazy hot? >_<

Here are some of the items picked up in the haul.

The dragon metal straps are very heavy.  The dragon emblems can be detached w/ the quick-release latch.

The keychain is the same as the Zorua/Zoroark version last year, but with different detachable charms of course.

Touch Pen is made of clear plastic (the normal version from the capsule is opaque), and comes with a character screen wipe.

The lanyard has a netsuke style mascot figure with quick-release latch, and comes with an extra strap for little mobile device.

The movie TOMY MC figures (clear) and the 7-11 bento MC figures (metallic paint).

Writing board front/back, and DS Lite silicone cover.

Clear file set.  Back/Front.

Anyways, got more stuff that needs to be done.  Be back to update the request lists. =)

Bento Update:

Pouch and bento box.  The pouch isn't really good for carrying bento, since the bento would be carried on its side, likely to spill its liquid content...

This is what the bento box looks like, but it's made of cardboard so it's not really for safe-keeping.  That's too bad since the design isn't bad.

Typical eat-it-cold bento food for kids.  Rice balls Donuts to the right.  Burger patty and tempura shrimp with too much mayo sitting on a bed of pasta.  Tamago, hotdog, potato and soggy fried chicken nugget.

Thanks for the lunch, xxiiijamesiiixx . =)

Final Update:

Back from the movie so here are some of the theater goods that are really theater-only (aka not available at PokeCen).

The official movie program.  I was actually thankful there is only one version of the program so I didn't have to buy it twice.  The cover was a very nice spread of the two dragons and the Pokemon that played important roles in the movie.  There is an area inside the book for the commemorative stamp.

Each copy is $20 $15 plus shipping.  Since this is a book (heavy...), so international shipping might cost a bit more.

There was no attendence prize like the previous years, but the popcorn bucket is still offered at the concession stand.  The bucket also came with a clear/white Victini strap, which looked like it should have been the attendence prize.  =p

P.S.  Namco loot pile has been updated.

Got all the in-stock Namco goodies for those who requested. =)
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