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Cardalicious! + 7/11 Lotto Auction

Hello community! Long time no post. I'm at present in Japan residing with denkimouse along with happyjolteon. It's been a crazy day today, since it was movie day here, and while I'd normally post up the awesome goods I got at the movie, I'm saving that for another day... that and most of it I have compacted and packed away for the moment to keep everything clean here :) Today it's all about cards. Delicious, delicious cards.

Oh and a very special auction, too ;)

So probably one of the best things about being a card collector in Japan right now is the abundance of promos around. These two are from the Value Pack sets: Golurk is theatre exclusive, while Klinklang is at 7/11 and Pokemon Centre.

Trunk Set promos!! The art for these is gorgeous, and the holo really makes them.

These three are from the current promotion running where if you buy 4 packs of Red Collection at selected stores, you can get a special promo card. The four cards are 100% movie related promos, and are a bit of a pain to get if you don't have any of the stores nearby. At present I'm just missing the psychic jelly since he's at things like Big Camera and other obscure.. not card selling stores.

Speaking of Red Collection, though...

Full set getto daze~

These are two of the secret rares. I've got the full set of the standard cards but the SR and sole UR cards are proving difficult as it's around 1 SR per 2 boxes, and 1 UR per 5 boxes. I pulled Terrakion in my two boxes, and Victini I got in the packs I bought for the Gothi promo. denkimouse and I mopped up the rest on Y!J and are due to arrive during the week

It's really hard to capture the beauty of a card such as the japanese SR.

There are a lot of textures in the foil work, and each card is unique due to the embossment (the pattern is the same but depending on how the foil is handled the effect in the end can sometimes be quite different.)

imo Victini's SR is.. boring. It's just the pack art with the Zekrom SR stock foil pattern but eh, it's still not that bad. I do look forward to taking photos of the other SR's when they arrive, and of course scanning them for collectorviper when I get back to Australia.

I'm also putting up for auction the 7/11 Ichiban Kuji lotto Pika!Toaster! I managed to score one of these really, really gorgeous things while I was clawing my way through goods to get to a Zekrom figure (I don't have him yet sadly but, regardless..) and while I really love it, I would have no place for it at home. Not to mention the fun of getting a proper converter for it so I wouldn't fry it on the 240v's in Australia... So he needs a good home.

★ Standard community auction rules apply. No snarkiness, and no whining. Bid fairly, and increase bids by at least $1.
★ Bidding starts at $40. Amounts are in USD.
★ This item is both heavy, and somewhat fragile (not terribly so but it is an appliance.) Due to this the item will have to be shipped EMS. Shipping is estimated to be around $55 USD.
★ Auction ends on the 20th of July at 11PM JST (GMT+9).

Please feel free to ask any questions below in the comments, but it's pretty straight forward. The toaster has NOT been opened, therefore I cannot guarantee 100% if it is in perfect working order as I don't wish to dirty it up at all, but it's pretty safe to assume it's fine.

Happy bidding!!

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