Vallie (dripbat) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Noxxbunny GA

Hi all! !

First and foremost all PKMNCollectors rules apply.
There are two lots up for auction from noxxbunny.

dripbat will be doing threads, pokepalace will be doing payment/spreadsheets/shipping.
Sales permission given by dakajojo on 07/02/11.
Bidding ends on July 23rd, 2011 at 1pm PST.

- No sniping. In the case of a snipe, bids on that item will be extended an additonal 5 mins. This will continue until 5 minutes has passed where there are no bids on that item.
- Bids need to be placed on the prior bid to count. NO EXCEPTIONS!
- Bid in increments of 1$ and greater please. Thank you. :)
- Do not delete or retract your bid. You will receive negative feedback. NO EXCEPTIONS! If you have a problem contact Pokepalace, or comment in the questions/comments section. (like if you accidentally bid 99 instead of 9)
- Please keep any questions or comments in the Questions/Comments section. Thank you.
- There will be two payments. One for the items you bid on and shipping to Pokepalace, and shipping from Pokepalace to you.
- Payment is due within 48 hours of posting the payment spreadsheets. Thanks!

pokepalace will be claiming: Bellossom Magnet, Banpresto Shaymin Strap, Squishy Eevee, Chupa Pokeball and Chupa Ultraball for 12$
dripbat will be claiming: Dialga/Palkia cup and Jakks Cherubi Plush for 14$

Click on the images to see a larger version of that image.

Closer Pictures:

You can begin bidding once all threads are up. (Not Yet, taking me a while since I keep forgetting things. XD) Go ahead and start bidding!! :)

This auction is getting extended. It will run till the 4th at 1pm PST if the attacks allow.

Tags: buizel, celebi, group auction, pichu, swinub
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