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SALES POST - Pan Stickers, Figures, and More

CLOSED for now! I may post another sales post in a week or two!

It's that time again~

- All prices are in USD.
- Shipping rates for figures starts at $2.50 in the US and $3.00 international, unless stated otherwise. Rates may increase with bulkier shipments, but I WILL gladly combine shipping!
- I accept money order and concealed cash (at your own risk) within the USA and paypal regardless of location.
- HOLD POLICY - If you have bought from me in the past, then I can allow a one-week hold period, after which the item will go back up for sale if not paid for. Otherwise, I require immediate payment unless you are sending a money order/cash.
- Packages will be mailed no later than Wednesday of next week unless there's an emergency or some sort.
- Please include the name of the item, its price, and your location when ordering! It helps speed things up tremendously!

PAN STICKERS! Comparison to a TCG card:

As you can see, they're big and beautiful and they're also reusable! Flat rate shipping for stickers is $2 worldwide.
(Note: The camera flash may make them look a little spotty, but that's because of the light bouncing off of the stickers' texture; these have been in protective sleeves so they're practically brand new!

$1 each
Hariyama 1, Hariyama 2, Bronzor, Nosepass, Baltoy, Claydol, Grumpig, Dusclops, Sableye, Cascoon, Sunflora, Volbeat, Kricketot, Tangrowth
(Hariyamas don't actually have the numbers on them; I just marked them in Photoshop as such for reference. :P)

$2 each
Regice, Regirock, Pikachu 1, Pikachu 2, Pikachu 3, Bonsly, Ludicolo, Roselia, Marshtomp, Munchlax 1, Munchlax 2

$3 each
Aipom, Deoxys, Weavile 1, Weavile 2, Banette, Tropius, Gliscor, Seviper

$4 each
Mewtwo, Houndoom, Darkrai, Flygon

Minun beanie with hang tag - $10 $7 ($4 shipping)
Manaphy Digital Pet (Japanese language only!) - $7 ($5 shipping) ON HOLD
Treecko Bobblehead Figure - $2
Tiny Vileplume Figure - $1

Exeggutor/Sunflora zukan - $6 $5 (stock pic used; mint in bag, will not separate)

Pokemon Kids - $1 each (except for Clear Wailmer, which is $2)
$7 for all ($4 shipping).
Last call before I put these on eBay!
Cloyster, Slakoth, Solrock, Poliwag, Weepinbell, Dugtrio, Kingler, Regice, Jynx, Pilloswine, Hitmonlee, Exeggutor, Clear Wailmer, Heracross, Golduck, Sudowoodo, Magmortar, Machop, Golem, Graveller

I will only TRADE for the below items at this time (unless it's a Quilava thing that I don't have).

Pokemon Kids: SITTING TAILLOW, Linoone, Mightyena (sitting), Starly, Pichu (non-winking), legendary beasts
Zukan: ALTARIA, Palkia, Shiftry
Pan Stickers: QUILAVA, Buizel, Seadra, Kyogre (especially the Kyogre/Manaphy one), Jolteon, Jack Walker, any birds, or anything else I collect- offer me
Anything Quilava - Offer me to see if I have it. NO TCG CARDS unless it's the Trainer's Magazine Promo or non-English/Japanese!

Thank you!
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