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group buy & sales

First off, I am hosting a group buy for this adorable set of plates from forest_snivy .
One more claim needed! :D

I will be claiming Charizard, of course, so the other three are up for grabs for $6.50 each, plus shipping from forest_snivy to you. For shipping, we estimate that it would be no more than $5 for one plate to the U.S., and slightly more to int'l locations. :)
SHIPPING UPDATE: These will need to be shipped in a box, and because they're quite heavy, shipping will be $6 to US residents and $8 for int'l.
PAYMENTS ARE DUE AS OF AUGUST 12TH! Please send payment to akaikiri.madoushi(at)yahoo.com and 'Plate GB payment' with your username and what you bought in the memo! :) 

Please do not back out of a claim - negative feedback will be left if you do. :c
Payment will be required once the other three plates have been claimed.

Pikachu: first_mate_kate
Pichu: safir_hime
Squirtle: segamew

If you have questions, by all means ask them, and I will try to answer them.

Second, a sales plug! This is only the second time I've posted sales to the community, as my thing is generally GAs. ^^;
Follow the picture, or click here~ for my sales journal!

Teaser: I added lots of figurines and cards, and there's a copy of LeafGreen and an electric-themed tin up for offers so please have a look! I'm moving soon, and would love to have as much as possible sent out before, because lord only knows where it will end up and how long it will take me to dig out once I try and get settled. -.-;
Consider this an attempt to get some extra rent/grocery/pet deposit money, and to make up for all my crazy spending lately. xD
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